Beat the Heat with these Summer Safety Tips

summer cyclist safety tips in paso robles and san francisco personal injury lawyers

Summer is here and with the extra hours of sunshine comes the heat!  In San Francisco, a “hot” day might be in the 80s, but this year it’s already been hotter than usual and at our Paso Robles office and in other scenic riding locations on the Central Coast, temperatures can easily surpass 100 degrees.  If you plan to go out in the heat for cycling or other activities, read on for some of our favorite tips to combat the hot weather.


Hydration always sounds like an obvious first step in the heat, but it isn’t just about hydrating during your summer activities, you’ll want to hydrate before and after, too.  The CDC and Cal/OSHA recommend 1 cup of water for every 15 minutes of physical activity in the heat and consuming electrolytes (sports drinks/fruit juice) before and after to replenish the salt we use for sweating.  They also warn that alcohol can reduce the body’s ability to regulate temperatures and should be avoided before your planned cycling day or any other activity in the heat.  And just a reminder, CA Vehicle Code 21200.5 does not provide a specific blood-alcohol threshold to be considered riding a bicycle under the influence, but cycling impaired is unlawful and a violation fine can be up to $250.

Keep Your Core Cool

There are a variety of products out there to help keep your core temperature down in hot weather like specialty towels and jerseys.  For motorcyclists, there are suits and jackets with mesh ventilation flaps.  But there are also some very easy ways to keep your core cool without needing a gear upgrade.  A favorite of many cyclists is freezing your water bottle when half full to create an ice block.  A fun alternative from wine country is to freeze grapes and use them as ice cubes; they’ll cool your water and provide a tasty snack later.  Want more?  Here’s a DIY tutorial on how to make your own neck cooler here.

Watch for Signs of Heat Stroke

While you may have taken all of the steps to beat the heat, others with you may not have properly prepared.  Symptoms of over-heating include headache, nausea, dizziness, and weakness.  At the point of heat exhaustion, the affected person may sweat more profusely than usual and have a rapid pulse.  If heat exhaustion goes untreated, the person may stop sweating altogether and/or become confused; the warning signs of heat stroke, a serious medical condition.  If you believe someone is in danger of over-heating, get them into a cool area immediately.  If there are concerns of heat stroke, call 911.  For more information, visit the CDC’s website here.

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Add Rahman Law to Your Phone Contacts

No one ever expects to be involved in a collision.  If you plan to be out cycling, riding a motorcycle, or driving this summer, be sure to add us to your contacts in your phone.  That way, you can call us immediately if you ever need us.  We also have free toolkits and guidebooks on our website here.  Have a great summer!

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Share the Road this May: National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month 2017

national motorcycle safety awareness month 2017

In 2014 (the most recent year with published statistics by the California Office of Traffic Safety as of May, 2017), San Francisco County has some serious motorcycle safety awareness statistics:

379 motorcyclists killed or injured in a collision

This puts San Francisco County at 1 of 58 for the OTS ranking which is how cities measure-up to other cities of similar populations.

At Rahman Law PC, we also have an office to represent motorcycle accident clients in San Luis Obispo County.  This county ranks 29 of 58 on the OTS ranking with:

103 motorcycles killed or injured in a collision

Why are we bringing up these statistics?  Because May is National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month!  And this year we want to help raise awareness for safety to motorcycles, too!  We are motorcycle accident lawyers in San Francisco and San Luis Obispo and safety starts with awareness, just like when we advocate for bicycle safety awareness.

What Can You Do For National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month 2017?

If you ride a motorcycle or know someone who rides:

  • Get your helmet checked for age, damage, and fit – take it in to an authorized dealer.
  • Wear reflective gear and consider adding a new piece to honor National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.
  • Wear protective gear with armor and pads from head to toe.
  • Brush up your skills – Many motorcycle riding schools offer advanced riding courses.

If you are an automobile driver (4 wheels and not 2):

  • Remember to look twice – motorcycles can be harder to see in mirrors.
  • Watch turns – motorcycle blinkers often do not have automated “offs” like cars.
  • Give extra space – motorcycles can use their clutch to slow down before they brake which will not show you a brake light (until they do brake) giving you less time to stop.

Motorcycles can be a fun way to get around and in San Francisco an easier way to find parking.  If you or a loved one enjoys motorcycle riding for commuting or for cruising, be sure to share these tips for a safe National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month 2017 and let’s make every month a safer month for motorcycles and bicycles.  Until Vision Zero becomes a reality in San Francisco and hopefully San Luis Obispo, too (vision zero means zero traffic deaths and was adopted to safety policy by the City and County of San Francisco in 2014), remember that the personal injury attorneys at Rahman Law PC are here for you whether you need a motorcycle accident lawyer, bicycle accident attorney, or other personal injury counsel, contact us today.

A Bicycle Accident Attorney Who Rides, Too

If you’ve been injured while on a bicycle, you want a bicycle accident attorney who rides, too.  We’ve spent over a decade representing cyclists and motorcyclists who’ve been injured.  It’s simple, really.  In my office, we ride, so we know what it’s like out there and we know how to tackle issues that are unique to two-wheeled collisions.


The number of cyclists in California increases each year, and with this increase comes an increase in collisions both with other vehicles and single bicycle collisions caused by roadway defects. While some public entities have tried to evaluate increased safety measures to decrease conflicts between cyclists and other modes of transportation, by and large these efforts have not gone far enough.  We advocate on behalf of cyclists (because remember, we ride, too!) for increased efforts in safety by sponsoring local bicycle coalitions, attending City hearings, and helping to educate the public on ways to reduce the number of bicycle accidents in California.


There are a lot of personal injury lawyers, but my firm is different.  At Rahman Law, we guide you through the legal process and we listen; we get to know you and we fight for your rights.  I have successfully litigated hundreds of cases and I am skilled at getting cases settled.  I am devoted to taking on insurance companies and big corporations to get injured people the compensation the law says they are entitled to.  I’ve been a lawyer in San Francisco for 17 years and now am also part of the central coast community with a second law office in Paso Robles bringing the resources of a big city law firm to you.  Rahman Law PC handles personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis; you don’t pay attorneys’ fees unless we get a monetary recovery for you.  If you’ve been injured, call someone who truly cares and get a free consultation with Rahman Law at

Amgen Tour of California to End in Bay Area!

For the first time since its debut in 2006 the Amgen Tour of California will be running South to North and ending in the Bay Area. The Amgen Tour is North America’s biggest cycling event drawing the world’s best cyclists to compete. This year organizers planned the race in an effort to show off the best that California has to offer. The race, which is 750 miles, begins May 12 in Escondido in Southern California and ends on May 20 in Santa Rosa.

The Bay Area challenges are sure to be some of the most exciting of the 8 day race. On May 17 there will be an individual time trial (‘an all-out sprint against the clock with the fastest riders in the standings going last’) ending at Metcalf Motorcycle Park. For those who are not too familiar with the logistics of major cycling events, individual time trials are one of those rare times when cyclists can really change their standing.

However, according to the Marin Independent Journal, many people predict that it will be the grueling ascent of Mount Diablo that will determine the final line up. On May 18, riders will begin a 93 mile ride from Livermore to the top of Mount Diablo. After the difficult ride on the 18th they will finish the race with ‘a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge before competitors head to Point Reyes National Seashore and west Sonoma County. The race will end with a couple laps in downtown Santa Rosa as a coronation of the victor.’

If you are around the Bay Area in May you will not want to miss this! It is sure to draw a crowd and the festivities will be something the entire family will enjoy.

If you ever need a bicycle accident attorney in San Francisco, Paso Robles, or the surrounding Central California Coast area, contact us for a free consultation.


Increased Enforcement in 2013

Thanks to a $140,000 federal grant, San Franciscans will be seeing a greater police presence around schools, senior centers and other at-risk areas in the coming months. These motorcycle officers will be patrolling the areas, enforcing speed and other basic traffic laws in an attempt to make them safer for pedestrians. Violators will be fined $155 per violation.

SFPD has not yet released the names of those areas in which it plans to increase its presence, but Walk SF Director Elizabeth Stampe is hopeful that it will be around schools and centers located adjacent to major thoroughfares like Market Street. While this targeted increase in enforcement is good news for San Francisco’s most vulnerable pedestrians, the children and the elderly, it is not enough for most of the city’s cyclists and pedestrians. As was pointed out in this blog’s ealier post about Valencia street, San Francisco needs more enforcement, period. San Francisco drivers must be made aware that they will be caught and fined when they drive recklessly  and put the lives of the city’s cyclists and pedestrians in danger.

As Stampe commented, “this is helpful and we’re glad to have it, but this is a short-term approach”. What San Francisco needs is an increase in police enforcement of basic traffic laws across the city.


Motorcycle Safety Classes- JUST DO IT!

In our 3-part article “Motorcycle 101” we blogged about all things motorcycle – tips, laws, gear, buyer’s tricks and time-tested advice. At the very top of our list (well, #3) was a little tid-bit of advice that we cannot help but stress again and again. Don’t be Proud: Get Training. Negotiating traffic on a motorcycle will be different from any other driving experience you have ever had. You may have ridden a dirt bike and you have probably been driving cars for years, but that doesn’t make you an expert motorcycle-driver. Bottom Line: It’s better to be safe, so take a safety course.

For those of you who have been holding back, now is the time to take a course. Winter is on its way, which means San Francisco fog and rain, slippery roads and increased risk of accident.

Rahman Law recommends Monkey Moto School. Evan is an old friend and he is an amazing instructor. Sign up for a private beginner’s lesson and learn the basics at whatever speed you are most comfortable. Or if you have slightly more experience you can take an intermediate lesson and learn to navigate the difficult San Francisco hills like a pro.

Evan- Monkey Moto School

This is not just for beginners! Be sure to check out Evan’s website – and read the faqs and the testimonials! These classes will be a worthwhile investment. So JUST DO IT!

Man Killed in Golden Gate Park Motorcycle Crash

Bay City News and the SF Examiner are reporting a solo motorcycle crash at Kezar and Martin Luther King Drives in Golden Gate Park on Saturday, September 2nd at 9:40 p.m..  The motorcyclist was killed in a solo crash in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park that involved a motorcyclist and a light pole near the intersection, according to police. Police said the motorcyclist, identified only as a white man in his 30s, was pronounced dead at the scene.

An investigation into the collision is underway, and no further details were immediately available.


Motorcycles 101 (Part 3 of 3)

Part 1 discussed some of the basics of motorcycling, Part 2 dealt with practical riding tips, and Part 3 will focus on tips to keep in mind when purchasing a motorcycle.

13) When you choose a bike make sure your feet can comfortably touch the ground when you are seated.

14) Keep in mind that bigger is not necessarily better. Small bikes can be easier to maneuver, park, store and to handle in general.

15) Don’t compromise on your first bike. You may not be able to afford the best bikes on the market, but make sure you want the bike you buy. You should feel good riding the bike, both comfort-wise and asethics-wise. Most of all, you should look forward to getting on your bike in the morning.

16) At the same time however, do NOT buy your dream bike as your first bike.

a) You will damage it and the cost will be less emotionally and financially draining if you do not purchase that bike you have

been dreaming of owning since you were 15.

b) Buy cheaper bikes until you become an experienced rider and you know what you want and what to look for in a bike.

17) Take advantge of motorcycle forums on the web when trying to determine which bike is right for you. Read the reviews and make your decision based on user experience, not manufactorer advertising.

18) Make sure you have set aside money for general maintenance before you purchase your motorcycle.

There is a multitude of tips and advice for motorcyclists that have not been included in this series. To be a safe motorcyclists search out these tips. Read about motorcycles and riding techniques online or strike up a rapport with your local motorcycle dealer. Make training and learning a life-long goal.


Kardas, Jeff. “50 Things New Riders Should Know (And Experienced Riders Shouldn’t Forget).” American Motorcyclist 66.8 (August 2012): 46-48. Print.

Pedestrian Killed in Collision with CHP Officer

Earlier this month, a woman was killed when she allegedly ran in front of a CHP Officer driving a motorcycle on West MacArthur Boulevard near the intersection of San Pablo in West Oakland. The collision ocurred August 10th at 1opm.

According to a CHP spokesperson, “the 47-year-old Hayward woman stepped off the north sidewalk and began running across the street, directly into the path of the oncoming motorcycle”. The woman’s identity was witheld, but the Officer was identified as Sgt. Roberto Barrera. Sgt. Barrera sustained moderate injuries when he was thrown from his bike during the collision.

Not much more information has been released as of this time. There is an ongoing investigation by both the Oakland PD and the CHP.

If you ever need a pedestrian accident attorney in San Francisco, Paso Robles, or the surrounding Central California Coast area, contact us for a free consultation.


Objectivity Wins this Round

In New Hampshire motorcycle sound testing will now be conducted using instruments, like the one pictured below, that provide roadside, objective measurements. This is in contrast to the subjective test which most motorcycles are subjected to throughout the country. New Hampshire’s SAE J2825 authorizes roadside testing using measurement of sound exhaust sound pressure levels of stationary bikes. This test will be administered before any ticket can be issued.


This new law is good news for responsible motorcycle riders as they will now have ways to prove that their bikes meet legal standards. Hopefully, as this technology becomes streamlined, more states will adopt similar laws.

The New Hampshire law takes effect January 1, 2013.


“New Hampshire Adopts Objective Sound Test.”  American Motorcyclist 66.8 (August 2012): 46-48. Print.

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