Pedestrian Killed in Collision with CHP Officer

Earlier this month, a woman was killed when she allegedly ran in front of a CHP Officer driving a motorcycle on West MacArthur Boulevard near the intersection of San Pablo in West Oakland. The collision ocurred August 10th at 1opm.

According to a CHP spokesperson, “the 47-year-old Hayward woman stepped off the north sidewalk and began running across the street, directly into the path of the oncoming motorcycle”. The woman’s identity was witheld, but the Officer was identified as Sgt. Roberto Barrera. Sgt. Barrera sustained moderate injuries when he was thrown from his bike during the collision.

Not much more information has been released as of this time. There is an ongoing investigation by both the Oakland PD and the CHP.

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2 comments on “Pedestrian Killed in Collision with CHP Officer

  • What was the outcome of this investigation? I can’t seem to find an update on the status of it anywhere. The local news stations didn’t have anything besides the initial report.

  • Corazon Chaplin says:

    Now I see why Sgt. Barrera couldn’t file the report of my accident six weeks prior. I truly do feel bad for both parties involved! But I still do not get the correlation between an August 10 accident and June 24 accident! Why the report he took for me on Thursday, June 24, 2021 was not filed prior to August 10 is a mystery! Now I will be stuck with either waiting or paying for this myself.


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