Defective Products and Products Liability Lawyer

When someone is injured by a defect in a product, the designers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of the product can be held responsible for such injuries. The defects can be manufacturing defects, design defects or defects based on a lack of adequate warnings or instructions on how to properly use the product. The designers, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of products can also be held responsible for faulty products if they breach any warranty given to the user or purchaser of the product.

In some cases, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers may be held strictly liable for injuries caused by their products, including instances when:

  1. a product is placed on the market by a company or individual knowing that it is to be used without inspection for defects and;
  2. the product proves to have a defect that causes personal injury, death or property damage to foreseeable users, consumers or bystanders.

When a manufacturer, distributor or supplier is held to be strictly liable, the only fault that need be shown is that the business participated in the chain of distribution of a defective product.

Faulty, defective and dangerous products can seriously injure people or cause death. The products liability lawyers at RAHMAN LAW PC have experience representing clients injured by such corporate carelessness, including injuries and deaths resulting from faulty bicycle forks, defective wheelchairs, negligently designed logging equipment, and faulty automated light rail computer systems.

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