Professional Malpractice Attorney

Professionals like lawyers, doctors, dentists, psychologists, architects, engineers and accountants have a duty or responsibility to follow generally accepted professional standards.  When a professional, or his or her employees, fails to follow professional standards and causes harm or injuries to clients or patients, this is called negligence.

Professional malpractice can be a breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, mismanagement, errors in judgment, misconduct or carelessness.  When claims of malpractice are filed against professionals, unless there is obvious, clear-cut malpractice, proving negligence or wrongdoing often requires the legal services of a professional malpractice attorney and may require the testimony of experts to prove the professional performance fell below industry standards.

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Like many professionals, lawyers must use reasonable care and due diligence when representing his or her clients. If a lawyer does not use reasonable care and due diligence and this failure causes harm to the client, the client may have an action against the lawyer called legal malpractice. This type of claim can occur in many ways, such as by a lawyer failing to advise a client of all potential legal rights or remedies, failing to meet critical court deadlines such as statutes of limitation, or abandoning a client’s case without advising the court or the client.

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The law requires that medical professionals such as doctors, nurses and therapists treat patients using a high degree of skill and care. Medical professionals adhere to recognized standards of practice within their field. If medical professionals render treatment that falls below the standard of care, their patients, or surviving family members, may be entitled to bring a claim for medical negligence or medical malpractice against the medical professional.

Such medical negligence can occur by a medical professional’s failure to diagnosis a disease or injury, poor surgical technique leading to injury, administering treatment in a discipline the professional is not licensed in, preventable birth trauma and an improper refusal to provide medical treatment.

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