Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We understand the unique issues facing motorcyclists, whether riding in busy urban areas, on freeways or on rural country roads. The motorcycle accident lawyers at RAHMAN LAW PC know how best to represent clients who have been in a motorcycle accident. The personal injury attorneys at RAHMAN LAW PC work with the most skilled experts in the field of two-wheeled collisions to get the evidence to show the other driver’s fault. Through our representation of hundreds of riders, we have educated the public and insurance companies about what car drivers can do to properly share the road with motorcyclists. Part of our goal in representing motorcyclists is to change the public perception of motorcycle riders into a more positive image.

Motorcyclists face challenges to their safety each day. The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is the failure of other drivers to see them. Many studies have been done relating to the “conspicuity” or the ability of a two-wheeled vehicle to be seen by a driver of a four-wheeled vehicle. These studies show that there are many reasons why drivers do not see motorcyclists, including that the image of motorcycle is not as familiar as that of a car, which means that drivers are not always vigilant about watching for motorcyclists. Also, motorcycles are smaller than cars, making them harder to see. Even when drivers do see motorcyclists, they underestimate the speed of motorcyclists, causing drivers to make abrupt left turns directly in front of a motorcyclist.

Other hazards are the roads themselves. Defects like loose gravel, uneven pavement, oil spills and roadways torn up from construction can cause even the most skilled motorcyclist to go down. When this happens it may be that the City, County, or State that owns the road or the construction company working on the road that is responsible for your injuries. Our personal injury lawyers are skilled at figuring out if a motorcycle accident was caused by bad road. 

The most important thing a motorcyclist can do is to always drive defensively by riding in a lane position that will make you most visible to other traffic, always scanning traffic far ahead of you and wearing bright, reflective clothing. Many of the issues facing motorcyclists are unique from cars.

The motorcycle accident lawyers at RAHMAN LAW PC have a track record of successful verdicts and settlements. If you are injured in a motorcycle accident, contact the motorcycle accident lawyers at RAHMAN LAW PC in our San Francisco office or our Paso Robles office for a free consultation with skilled trial attorneys.