Personal Injury Success Stories and Results

The personal injury attorneys at Rahman Law have a reputation for honesty, integrity, dedication, aggressive advocacy and legal skill, which we bring to every case we handle.  The following examples represent some our verdicts and settlements for clients who have been injured.  Many of these success stories involve cyclist and pedestrian injury cases in San Francisco and Paso Robles.

$4.3M Settlement

Child Hit by a Car in a Crosswalk

A thirteen-year-old boy suffered permanent brain damage after being hit by a car while he was walking to school in San Francisco. The City and County of San Francisco knew that the intersection where the collision happened was dangerous for pedestrians and that a stop sign was needed, but failed to take any action make it safer for pedestrians.  Following the filing of a lawsuit against the City and County of San Francisco, the City installed a stop sign at the intersection.

$3.1M Verdict

Child Injured in a Boating Collision

A child on a boat with her family was seriously injured when another boat operator who was drinking and speeding, collided with the family’s boat.

$2.2M Settlement

Cyclist Injured by Faulty Road Construction

A bicyclist suffered a head injury when her bike overturned after striking an uneven patch of road undergoing construction.

$1.8M Settlement

Passengers on a Runaway Cable Car

Visitors to San Francisco boarded a San Francisco Cable Car to experience one of the most well-known San Francisco attractions. As the cable car sped down the Washington Street hill, passengers exclaimed that they were going so fast it was like a roller coaster ride. The cable car operators lost control of the car and had to make an emergency stop that felt like the car had hit a brick wall.  The passengers represented had serious injuries.

$1.4M Settlement

Bicyclist Injured in a Bike Lane

A cyclist was thrown from their bicycle in San Bruno when their bike struck a bump in the middle of the bike lane. Rahman Law successfully resolved the dangerous condition personal injury case against the City of San Bruno.

$1M Settlement

Disabled Restaurant Patron

A patron of a busy San Francisco restaurant fell on a slippery tiled entryway.  The fall fractured his femur, requiring surgery.  A lawsuit was filed against the restaurant owners and the building owners for negligence and violations of the California Disabled Persons Act.

$1M Settlement

Family of Passenger Killed by a Truck

While driving on Interstate 880 in Oakland, a husband and wife were struck by a negligent driver of a semi-truck and trailer, killing the husband.  A wrongful death settlement was reached with the trucking company on behalf of the surviving wife and children.

$982K Result

Cyclist Struck by Left-Turning Car

The driver attempted to make a left turn at an area for cars to enter U.S. 101 in Marin, but the poor design of the intersection obscured the cyclist from view causing the driver to strike the cyclist almost head-on.  A trial was completed against the uninsured driver who struck the cyclist which resulted in a $532,211.00 verdict, in favor of the cyclist. In addition, the Town of Corte Madera paid $400,000.00. An additional $50,000.00 settlement was reached with the bicyclist’s insurance company.

$750K Settlement

Scooter Operator Hit by a Taxi

A San Francisco taxicab driver made a left-turn in front of a scooter that was already in the intersection. The taxi t-boned the scooter operator ejecting the operator from the scooter. 

$710K Settlement

Cyclist Hit by a Car in the Bike Lane

An experienced cyclist was riding in a bike lane in Half Moon Bay when a driver tried to make a right turn into the cyclist, throwing the cyclist from his bicycle.  The crash left the cyclist with several broken bones.  Rahman Law was able to successfully obtain the limits of the driver’s insurance policy plus a personal contribution from the driver to compensate the cyclist as well as his spouse for the spouse’s loss of consortium.

$539K Verdict

Bicyclist Struck by a Shuttle Van

An independent contractor operating a Lorrie’s shuttle van made an illegal lane change, striking a cyclist.  The cyclist was thrown from his bicycle and fractured his jaw. A San Francisco jury found the shuttle van driver negligent.

$556K Verdict

Motorcyclist Hit by Distracted Driver

A driver searching for a parking space in San Francisco crashed into a 27-year-old motorcyclist, severely injuring the motorcyclist’s leg.

$500K Settlement

Driver Insurance Policy Limits and Underinsured Motorist Policy Limits

While on a bike ride in Santa Cruz, an experienced cyclist was struck by a truck and trailer. The truck was traveling 30 miles per hour when the driver attempted to pass the cyclist and swerved into the cyclist.  The cyclist’s injuries were so severe he was taken from the accident scene by helicopter.

$450K Settlement

Pedestrian Struck in a Crosswalk

An elderly woman was struck in a crosswalk in San Francisco in broad daylight by a pickup truck making a left-turn.

$400K Settlement

Passenger in Rear-End Accident

A passenger was in a small car stopped at a red light in Sacramento when a distracted driver rear-ended the car.  The passenger suffered neck and head pain.

$400K Settlement

Delivery Driver Hurt at Work

While unloading equipment at a jobsite in Bakersfield, the delivery driver was pinned between two trucks when another driver left his vehicle in neutral and let the vehicle roll downhill into the delivery driver. 

$300K Settlement

Pedestrian Struck While Crossing the Street

A pedestrian crossing mid-block was struck by a driver in San Francisco. (Insurance Policy Limits)

$300K Settlement

Cyclist Hit in the Bike Lane

While on his way to work, a bicyclist riding in a bike lane was hit by a car that was turning left through an intersection.  The cyclist was thrown from his bicycle onto his face, and was knocked unconscious The personal injury attorneys at Rahman Law PC were able to resolve the bicycle accident case at mediation.

$285K Settlement

Driver Injured in a Car Accident

A delivery driver in Paso Robles exited a parking lot, without looking, causing a collision with another driver.  A settlement was reached for the driver’s back pain.

$275K Settlement

Dangerous Staircase in a Vacation Rental

A guest at a vacation rental fell down an unmarked and unlit staircase in a rental property. The guest suffered a back injury.