Success Stories and Results

$3,100,000.00 VERDICT Boating Accident. This case involved a child who was ejected from a boat when two speeding boats collided. The operator of the second boat was drinking at the time of the collision, causing him to steer his boat directly into the path of the boat on which the child was a passenger. The child suffered serious injuries to her face and head.
$4,265,000.00 SETTLEMENT Dangerous Roadway. The City and County of San Francisco paid $4,265,00.00 to the parents of a thirteen-year-old boy who suffered permanent brain damage after being hit by a car on his way to school at the intersection of San Jose Avenue and Niagara Street in San Francisco. Despite prior complaints by residents of the neighborhood and a representative of the Board of Supervisors about the danger the intersection posed to pedestrians due to the lack of a stop sign for drivers traveling on San Jose Avenue, the City failed to take any action to modify the intersection to make it safe for pedestrians. A lawsuit was filed against the City asserting that the intersection was a dangerous condition of public property. A lawsuit was also filed against the driver. Following the filing of the lawsuit, the City installed a stop sign at the intersection.