Success Stories and Results

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$50,000.00 SETTLEMENT School Assault.  A high school student was assaulted by another student while on school premises. The defendants alleged that the incident was simply a “school yard fight”. However, through witnesses and other evidence the trial attorneys at Rahman Law PC were able to establish that the attack was random and unprovoked.
$85,000.00 SETTLEMENT against the Oakland Unified School District in a case involving a sexual assault of a grade school student by another student. The lawsuit alleged that the District had failed to properly supervise children in the playground area during recess, allowing for the assault to occur.
$110,000.00 SETTLEMENT Bicycle Collision.  The case was settled during mediation for an avid bicyclist who was injured when a vehicle made an abrupt left hand turn in front of him.  
175,000.00 SETTLEMENT Wrestling Accident. An action was brought against the Albany Unified School District by a high school student who was injured during wrestling practice.  The School District had a long standing policy where they allowed college students to wrestle against less experienced high school students.  During practice, a college student performed a wrestling maneuver with such force that he fractured the plaintiff’s hip.  The School District denied that there was anything unsafe about its practices.
$185,000.00 SETTLEMENT Car Accident.  The plaintiff was rear-ended while at a red light, at high speed by a driver who was not paying attention.  As a result of the high speed of the collision, the plaintiff suffered back and neck injuries.
$215,000.00 SETTLEMENT Bicycle Accident.  The case involved a bicyclist who was hit by a left-turning taxicab in the San Francisco Presidio on Lincoln Boulevard.  Although the cab driver admitted to the police that he never saw the bicyclist, during litigation the cab driver argued that the bicyclist was going too fast.  The force of the cab colliding with the cyclist left the cyclist with a serious knee injury.
$250,000.00 SETTLEMENT Car Accident Case. A husband and wife were travelling through the intersection of Millbrae Avenue and El Camino Real in Millbrae when another driver entered the intersection on a red light, striking the driver’s side of the couple’s car. As a result of the collision, the wife suffered debilitating injuries to her left hip and neck, both of which required surgery. After litigation, the defendant agreed to pay the limits of her insurance policy.
$250,000.00 SETTLEMENT Bicycle Case.  An avid bicyclist was injured when “doored” by a passenger exiting a parked car.
$275,000.00 SETTLEMENT Faulty Stairwell Case. for injuries suffered by a woman who fell down an unmarked and unlit staircase in a rental property. As a result of the fall, the plaintiff sustained a compression fracture in her lumbar spine.
$300,000.00 SETTLEMENT Bicycle Accident.  While on his way to work, a bicyclist riding in a bike lane was hit by a car that was turning left through an intersection.  The cyclist was thrown from his bicycle onto his face, was knocked unconscious and suffered severe injuries, including the loss of several teeth. The personal injury attorneys at Rahman Law PC were able to resolve the case at mediation.
$556,000.00 VERDICT Motorcycle Accident. Becker v. Cabrera, San Francisco Superior Court. A 27 year-old motorcyclist sustained a severely broken leg when he was cut off by a distracted motorist who was looking for a parking space in San Francisco.
$600,000.00 VERDICT Bicycle Accident. Tucker v. Mejia, San Francisco County Superior Court. This case involved a hit and run collision between plaintiff, who was traveling on Eddy Street on a fixed gear bicycle, and defendant, an independent contractor operating a Lorrie’s shuttle van. Plaintiff Tucker was riding his bicycle when the defendant began making a lane change into Mr. Tucker’s lane of travel. The van sideswiped Mr. Tucker causing Mr. Tucker to be ejected from his bicycle onto his face. As a result, Mr. Tucker sustained serious facial injuries, including two jaw fractures and two facial fractures all of which required immediate surgery.
$982,211.00 RESULT: $532,211.00, VERDICT and $450,000.00 SETTLEMENT Dangerous Roadway. This case involved an experienced Marin cyclist who was hit by a car making a left-hand turn onto the U.S. 101 on-ramp from Casa Buena Drive in the Town of Corte Madera. The poorly designed intersection lacked both a stop sign for drivers turning left onto the freeway and adequate signage to alert drivers of the presence of cyclists. As a result, the cyclist was hit and suffered a severe brain injury which left her in a coma for a week. A trial was completed against the uninsured driver who struck her which resulted in a $532,211.00 verdict, in favor of the cyclist. In addition, the Town of Corte Madera agreed to settle the matter for $400,000.00. An additional $50,000.00 settlement was reached with the bicyclist’s insurance company.
$1,000,000.00 SETTLEMENT Defective Premises.  The plaintiff arrived at Lucky Fortune Seafood Restaurant to have dinner with his family. He was disabled and used crutches to help him walk. While standing on the tiled, sloped surface of the restaurant’s entryway, attempting to open the front door, the plaintiff’s rubberized crutch tip slipped backward on the tile surface, causing him to fall. As a result of the fall he suffered a fractured femur which required surgery. A lawsuit was filed against the restaurant owners and the building owners for negligence and violations of the California Disabled Persons Act.
$1,000,000.00 SETTLEMENT Premises Liability.  A settlement was reached prior to litigation for a student badly burned on as a result of faulty equipment.
$1,775,000.00 SETTLEMENT Cable Car Collision. On October 8, 2004, five women visiting San Francisco from Illinois, boarded a San Francisco Cable Car to experience one of the most well-known San Francisco attractions. As the cable car sped down the Washington Street hill, passengers exclaimed that they were going so fast it was like a roller coaster ride. Unfortunately, the cable car operators failed to slow the car and as it approached the intersection with Mason Street, suddenly and without warning, the cable car came to a violent stop with so much force that the plaintiffs each described feeling like they had hit a brick wall. The cable car operators had used the emergency brake to stop the car, which the Cable Car Manual allows for only in extreme situations. Each of the five plaintiffs sustained severe, life-altering injuries. Throughout the four years of litigation with the City and County of San Francisco, which involved the review of several thousands of pages of internal City documents, and the completion by plaintiffs’ counsel of approximately 20 depositions, the City contended that the operators were not negligent in applying the emergency brake. Plaintiffs asserted that the operators had failed to follow the City’s protocol for descending downhill and traveled too fast for the rudimentary braking system in place on the cars. Plaintiffs further contended that the City had failed to properly maintain the primary braking mechanism–planks of wood–such that at the time of the incident the cable car had faulty brakes.
$2,243,500.00 SETTLEMENT Dangerous Roadway.  A bicyclist suffered a severe head injury when her bike overturned due to faulty roadway construction. The accident occurred as a result of a dangerous condition of public property and the negligence of several construction companies.
$225,000.00 SETTLEMENT  Dangerous Premises Case. A 78 year-old woman visiting the Villagio Inn suffered a fracture to her knee when she fell while leaving the business center of the property. Her fall was caused by a single step which was unmarked and had no handrail. Construction and engineering standards suggest that short flights of steps should be avoided or made visible by applying a marking strip of contrasting color on the leading edge of the step. During the deposition of the general manager of the property, the general manager admitted that Villagio did not place a warning strip on the step because it would have been unattractive. The personal injury lawyers at Rahman Law PC were able to secure a settlement prior to trial.
$3,100,000.00 VERDICT Boating Accident. This case involved a child who was ejected from a boat when two speeding boats collided. The operator of the second boat was drinking at the time of the collision, causing him to steer his boat directly into the path of the boat on which the child was a passenger. The child suffered serious injuries to her face and head.
$4,265,000.00 SETTLEMENT Dangerous Roadway. The City and County of San Francisco paid $4,265,00.00 to the parents of a thirteen-year-old boy who suffered permanent brain damage after being hit by a car on his way to school at the intersection of San Jose Avenue and Niagara Street in San Francisco. Despite prior complaints by residents of the neighborhood and a representative of the Board of Supervisors about the danger the intersection posed to pedestrians due to the lack of a stop sign for drivers traveling on San Jose Avenue, the City failed to take any action to modify the intersection to make it safe for pedestrians. A lawsuit was filed against the City asserting that the intersection was a dangerous condition of public property. A lawsuit was also filed against the driver. Following the filing of the lawsuit, the City installed a stop sign at the intersection.