Motorcycles 101 (Part 3 of 3)

Part 1 discussed some of the basics of motorcycling, Part 2 dealt with practical riding tips, and Part 3 will focus on tips to keep in mind when purchasing a motorcycle.

13) When you choose a bike make sure your feet can comfortably touch the ground when you are seated.

14) Keep in mind that bigger is not necessarily better. Small bikes can be easier to maneuver, park, store and to handle in general.

15) Don’t compromise on your first bike. You may not be able to afford the best bikes on the market, but make sure you want the bike you buy. You should feel good riding the bike, both comfort-wise and asethics-wise. Most of all, you should look forward to getting on your bike in the morning.

16) At the same time however, do NOT buy your dream bike as your first bike.

a) You will damage it and the cost will be less emotionally and financially draining if you do not purchase that bike you have

been dreaming of owning since you were 15.

b) Buy cheaper bikes until you become an experienced rider and you know what you want and what to look for in a bike.

17) Take advantge of motorcycle forums on the web when trying to determine which bike is right for you. Read the reviews and make your decision based on user experience, not manufactorer advertising.

18) Make sure you have set aside money for general maintenance before you purchase your motorcycle.

There is a multitude of tips and advice for motorcyclists that have not been included in this series. To be a safe motorcyclists search out these tips. Read about motorcycles and riding techniques online or strike up a rapport with your local motorcycle dealer. Make training and learning a life-long goal.


Kardas, Jeff. “50 Things New Riders Should Know (And Experienced Riders Shouldn’t Forget).” American Motorcyclist 66.8 (August 2012): 46-48. Print.

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