Motorcycle Safety Classes- JUST DO IT!

In our 3-part article “Motorcycle 101” we blogged about all things motorcycle – tips, laws, gear, buyer’s tricks and time-tested advice. At the very top of our list (well, #3) was a little tid-bit of advice that we cannot help but stress again and again. Don’t be Proud: Get Training. Negotiating traffic on a motorcycle will be different from any other driving experience you have ever had. You may have ridden a dirt bike and you have probably been driving cars for years, but that doesn’t make you an expert motorcycle-driver. Bottom Line: It’s better to be safe, so take a safety course.

For those of you who have been holding back, now is the time to take a course. Winter is on its way, which means San Francisco fog and rain, slippery roads and increased risk of accident.

Rahman Law recommends Monkey Moto School. Evan is an old friend and he is an amazing instructor. Sign up for a private beginner’s lesson and learn the basics at whatever speed you are most comfortable. Or if you have slightly more experience you can take an intermediate lesson and learn to navigate the difficult San Francisco hills like a pro.

Evan- Monkey Moto School

This is not just for beginners! Be sure to check out Evan’s website – and read the faqs and the testimonials! These classes will be a worthwhile investment. So JUST DO IT!

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