S.F EIR study finally released!

Don’t get too excited, it’s just a draft. Or get excited that we have something tangible to look at!

The S.F Environmental Impact Review has been 2.5 years in the making. It will add strength to the city’s Transit First Policy, which already states in Article 6: “Bicycling shall be promoted by encouraging safe streets for riding, convenient access to transit, bicycle lanes, and secure bicycle parking.”

I was reading the Draft EIR, I learned that there were 60 funded improvement projects underway when the injunction was imposed!

Read for yourself to learn more!

Here’s the SFgate article.

Here is the Draft Bike Plan.

S.F asks court to allow bike improvements

Why does the city have to ask permission to keep it citizens safe?

‘In 2006, the San Francisco Superior Court blocked the city from enacting any improvements intended to benefit cyclists without special permission.”

In April of 2008 the court granted the installation of a dedicated bike/pedestrian signal at the notoriously dangerous Fell and Masonic intersection.

Today, eight months later,San Francisco city attorney, Dennis Herrera, is back in court, filing a motion to ask for a more safeguards at some of S.F’s most dangerous spots for cyclists.

Let’s hope this works in the cyclists favor. Whatever anyone’s motives are for creating political drama, it should be put aside for the safety of San Francisco riders.

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