Two Wheels at the Office , Still Rare

The title for this post is also the title of the December 9, 2008 NYTimes article which discusses how employers and building managers could incorporate bicycle parking in their buildings.

New York city lawmakers have two suggestions, Introduction 871 and Introduction 78.
Introduction 871 “would mandate access to bike parking in most office and retail buildings, “provided that such building can reasonably accommodate the storage of such bicycle.” In addition, under that bill, going forward, new office buildings would have to offer one bicycle space for every 5,000 square feet; new retail buildings, one for every 7,500 square feet; and new apartment buildings with more than 10 units, one for every two residential units.”

Introduction 78 “would require garages and parking lots to provide at least one bicycle parking space for every 10 car-parking spaces.”

What is getting me about this piece is that San Francisco is ahead of New York!

Our City Code Bike Parking has two classes. Class 1 is, “Facilities which protect the entire bicycle, its components and accessories against theft and against inclement weather, including wind-driven rain. Examples of this type of facility include (1) lockers, (2) check-in facilities, (3) monitored parking, (4) restricted access parking, and (5) personal storage.”

Class 2 is a standard bike rack that allows a cyclist to lock up their bike.

As for class 1 it pretty much goes along that the bigger the building the more secure bike parking increases in ratio. To learn more click here!

I don’t need to explain every detail you can read the NYTimes article for yourself here.

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