Smooth Riding in the Howard Street Bike Lane

Although we counted on the old, decrepit, pot-hole riddled, cracked, debris laden Howard Street to feel like we were getting some use out of the “mountain” part of our mountain bikes–real off-roading like, the newly paved, smooth as a baby’s bottom, Howard Street bike lane is like butta’. Now instead of fretting about falling into a point of no return hole in the street, all you have to worry about is the random peds darting into the bike lane, and of course, car doors being flung wide for no apparent reason. 1 less hazard to contend with and this makes us pleased as punch. Thanks SFBC…and you too CCSF.


Stroll and Roll Mission Sunday Streets

Right-click here to download pictures. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the Internet. Come out and play with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and tens of thousands of people for Sunday Streets, this Sunday, July 11 from 10am-3pm when Sunday Streets does an encore in the Mission. Four miles of Mission District streets will be transformed into a people-powered party from Dolores Park to Garfield Park along Valencia, Harrison and 24th streets. Enjoy the open streets with dancing, yoga, rollerskating, and of course biking. The SF Bicycle Coalition and Presidio YMCA have organized biking activities on Harrison Street, like urban cycling classes and Freedom From Training Wheels. Bike maintenance booths and bike rentals can be found on Harrison Street at 17th and 25th streets (in Garfield Park). We hope to see you there enjoying the fun, make sure to stop by our orange tent and say hello.

Bike on Bike Etiquette

Everyday we fight our way through these City streets, avoiding potholes big enough to qualify as the black hole, pedestrians who meander aimlessly through our bike lanes, and the ubiquitous MUNI bus slaloming down the rode. One danger we shouldn’t have to contend with are other cyclists. We’re all part of the same team, people. So when you see a fellow cyclist making a left-turn, slow down or maybe even stop, if they have the right-of-way. No need for collision course mentality out there. Life doesn’t have to be a series of petty torments so let’s achieve Peace on Bikes…

SFBC Celebrates PRIDE

SF Bicycle Coalition LGBTQ Meet & Mingle

Mon., Jun. 21 | 6-8pm | Duboce Park Cafe, 2 Sanchez St (at Duboce)

Start the Pride party early this year at this casual happy hour to raise a glass with other LGBTQ bike lovers and support the SF Bicycle Coalition’s work to make better biking conditions in our city!

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition is proud to boast a large and diverse membership, and we want to bring our LGBTQ community together to meet and mingle and support big changes to bicycling in San Francisco. Duboce Park Cafe is generously donating 10% of profits from the party to the SF Bicycle Coalition. Both members and non-members alike are encouraged to come with both friends, partners, kids, or just bring yourself and meet other amazing LGBTQ folks working to make our City better.

No need to RSVP, just stop by for some fun on your way home from work and show your support. Complimentary bike valet provided.

SF Bike Plan Update

Today on the Board of supervisors agenda was the review of the Bike Plans Environmental Impact Review. Today’s meeting wasn’t to discuss if the Bike Plan is good or bad for San Francisco, it was to discuss whether the EIR was adequate in it’s review. The meeting was held and it was decided that the EIR was through and adequate. Now that the study has been approved it’s time for the City Attorney to head over to the judge overseeing the case and have him lift the injunction.

Read up on the bike plan here and here.

Stay safe!

Get a taste of bike sharing this Sunday

Bike Sharing is a relatively new transportation solution. The idea has been around for a while now, the most recent inception is Paris’s Velib sharing program.

Today SFGate tackled the idea of San Francisco implementing a Bike Share Program. In January the Mayors Office announced a bike sharing plan for San Francisco. The idea has drawn criticism from many that the program is starting too small, San Francisco doesn’t have the proper bicycle infrastructure to handle a bike share program and a complaint that the bike share program would be funded by Clear Channel.

That being said this Sunday at car -free Golden Gate Park, a mini bike share program, BIXI, will be letting people give bike sharing a shot.

Read more about the plan here.

Transit Cuts

Transit seemed like it might be getting a fair shake via state stimulus funds. Turns out many transit agencies across the country are cutting funding and raising fares.
Streetsblog reports that Illinois is facing the loss of $1 billion of stimulus funds devoted to transit projects and planning as a stop loss measure due to increasing budget woes. Even though transit ridership has increased over 9% in the last five years highway development and improvement projects are given a green light. Meanwhile AC Transit is cutting service by %15, Muni is facing a loss of $61 million over the next tow years and the state as a whole cut transit funding by $536 million.

We’ll see what happens. Let’s hop on bikes and hope for the best!

Bike to Work Day 2009

Celebrate Bike to Work Day on May 14th by dusting off an old bike that has been sitting in the garage or by checking the air pressure on your well loved ride.

Bay Area Bike to Work Day is an annual event that encourages cyclists of all ages and skill levels to participate in a friendly, safe, commute to work, play or school.

The San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has set up some amazing resources to make the event the best if can be from Commuter Convoys to Energizer Stations.

Take a look at last years pictures and click this link for more information about this years Bike to Work Day!

Great SfGate Article on San Francisco Hills

San Francisco is notorious for it’s super steep hills. I have heard many a public transit commuter say that they only reason they don’t ride a bike in the city is because of the hills. According to Sf Gate there are three categories of hill riders; avoiders, acceptors and lovers.

Learn more about your San Francisco hill riding style is here.