Moped Gang Overtakes the City Streets

Even on a boring Monday night, a stroll through this City will have you stumbling upon something that you a) have never seen before, b) find amusing or c) a bit of both. The monotony of this particular Monday night was broken up by spotting a gang, (really a group of hipsters in close to matching urban “gear”) all riding, in traditional Harley riding fashion, what appeared to be seriously old-timey mopeds through the Mission. The scene was completed by the sound of the revving of these two-wheeled munchkins for maximum effect. As they blew by the traffic, in formation, (it was Valencia so traffic was at its max. at 2mph) drivers and pedestrians alike stopped to stare. So the question becomes–is the Moped the new Vespa?

Map of San Francisco’s Most Dangerous Intersections

San Francisco is full of narrow, busy, streets. Throw in buses,pedestrians, short light changes and the mix can turn deadly.

The San Francisco Chronicle recently published a map of San Francisco intersections that have a high Muni accident rate. The top three intersections with the highest rate of Muni accidents are:

1) 6th and Market Street/Taylor and Golden Gate
2) 3rd and Market Street/Kearny and Geary Street
3) 5th and Market Street

Take a look at this map mash up to see more intersections that Muni needs to start paying attention to.