Walk to School Day 2012 Success!

State and city leaders walked with students to school to celebrate SF’s status as the first California city to adopt safer school zones citywide. 

Walk to School 2012

“This year, San Francisco became the state’s first city to create 15-mile-per-hour speed limits citywide, at 181 schools. At Buena Vista Horace Mann, 23% of the students live within one mile of school and 19% walk, according to the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH). Citywide, 42% of all students live within walking distance of school, but only 25% of students walk. SFDPH works with 15 elementary schools in its Safe Routes to School program to encourage walking and biking, as one important way to increase children’s daily physical activity.”

On Wednesday, International Walk to School Day, a record 8,500 students walked to school with their families in San Francisco.

“We Love Walking to School”

“Lower traffic speeds make streets safer,” said Elizabeth Stampe, executive director of Walk San Francisco, which led the campaign for the 15-mile-per-hour zones. “The new school zones are calming traffic to make the city more livable and walkable for everyone. We’re encouraging cities throughout California to follow San Francisco’s lead.”


Walk San Francisco (WalkSF.org)



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