Summer in the City

It’s been awhile since there’s been a post here and it’s time to change all of that. It is officially summer in this City as summer announces herself here like the wicked stepmother she is. One sunny day, followed by a string of miserable, windy, gloominess. It’s all just a lead up to the few weeks of Indian summer in September…

The idea of summer when you’re a kid is so intoxicating that you just can’t sit still and wait for its arrival. Once it hits and school is out, summer whizzes by as you rush from one thing to another. “Adult summer” is a different story to those of us stuck in an office all day, eagerly awaiting the weekend when we can cram in a week’s worth of summer fun into two days. Not nearly enough time. Does being a grownup mean you have to give up the fun of summer by making a “to-do” list of fun? That might not be the worst thing ever but what’s going to be on that list this summer????

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