SF to Replace Parking Meters?

“San Francisco wants the parking meter to be your friend. It’s rolling out a next-generation model that can take credit cards and coins, raise rates automatically, and beam news of that rarity of city life, an empty slot.” Sounds good for drivers but what about city cyclists who rely on parking meters to lock their bikes to? Considering the gross lack of bike parking in the city, it seems that a new generation of parking meter will only hurt cyclists more.
Each new parking device as they’re called will replace 8 parking meters. Figure two bikes per parking meter that’s 16 spaces taken away for use as bicycle parking. 6,000 are to be installed this year, including installation in SF city parks, which currently don’t charge for parking.
That being said, the idea of congestion pricing in San Francisco is a good one that could reduce traffic flow downtown. Also we are in a serious budget crisis, raising revenue via parking charges may not be such a bad idea.
Form you own opinion on the matter, read the article here.

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