Private Shuttle Woes

SFTMA has begun an extensive study on the use of private shuttles by businesses in the City.

Many businesses on the Peninsula run private shuttle services for their employees, picking them up in their neighborhoods in the morning and dropping them off after work. For many people this is an invaluable service. These shuttles fill San Francisco’s public transportation gaps, expanding to areas that public transportation does not service. SFTMA, however, is worried about the potential for conflict between Muni Buses and these Private Shuttles when they share curb spaces and put Muni buses behind schedule. Private Shuttles are a rapidly expanding industry and the lack of regulation has some officials worried.

Carli Paine, a program manager at the SFMTA,  told the press that “right now, we’re just collecting data, so we don’t have any policy recommendations on how to address the issue.” SFMTA should have policy recommendations for the shuttles by late winter or early spring.


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