New Chief of the SFMTA?

A month from now, Nathaniel Ford will be finding out whether or not he has been offered the spot as the new president and CEO of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

Should he get the job, the city will have 60 days to find his replacement.
According to the SF Chronicle, the top candidates for replacing him as the future chief of the SFMTA (and future earner of the highest salary on the city payroll) are:
  1. Edward Reiskin – Director of the SF Public Works Department who “has no direct transportation background but a deep well of management experience is well liked by supervisors and the mayor.”
  2. Carter Rohan – Deputy Executive Director for the Municipal Transportation Agency and and former Capital Projects Director, described as a “a veteran transportation executive.”
  3. Stuart Sunshine – Currently working for a “private-sector construction management and engineering firm” and “held several senior positions in city government, including the top job at Muni on an interim basis.”
  4. Debra Johnson – Director of Administration at the MTA who is “leading contract negotiations with Muni operators.”
The SF Chronicle article also goes on to list the several, multi-faceted problems the new chief would face in this time of transition and scrutiny for the SFMTA. To read more:
Who do you think would be the best chief? What qualifications and experience should we expect from them?

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