Muni Collision on Market Street Cause for Concern?

The Muni shuttles millions of San Francisco residents everyday. These passengers rely on Muni to get the from point A to B in a safe, efficient manner. Recently though Muni has had two accidents that left passengers injured and has created pressure on Muni to reevaluate its measures to keeps passengers safe.

Mayor Gavin Newsom insists that the Muni is safe, “It is safe to ride Muni,” Newsom maintained, but he acknowledged, “It has been a very frustrating few weeks.”

Many news outlets have covered these Muni accidents, the first on July 18th injured 42 people when a lightrail operator blacked out causing a collision is the West Portal Station, the second occurred on August 3rd and according to eyewitnesses the Operator was distractedly engaging in conversation with a passenger. Good coverage can be found at SFappeal and KTUV.

So should people be concerned about riding Muni? Read the above links articles and ponder the question. Get back to us with your opinions!

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