MTA Mulls Scenarios for Moving Bike Plan Forward

Streetsblog has a very informative article concerning options for moving San Francisco’s stalled Bike Plan forward.
The process for re-adopting the Bike Plan is fairly long due to bureaucratic process. While the final Environmental Impact Review will be done sometime in late June, that doesn’t mean new bike lanes will start being constructed July 1st. As the article describes, the process goes something like this:

  • Planning Department prepares responses to comments on DEIR, publishes comments and responses document (Final EIR), probably sometime in June
  • Planning Commission deliberates and certifies EIR
  • MTA Board deliberates and adopts the Bicycle Plan
  • City Attorney goes back to Judge Busch and asks him to lift the injunction
  • MTA Board deliberates and approves bike network improvement projects
  • MTA issues work orders and begins implementing new bicycle facilities and other improvements like bike racks and sharrows

Take a look for yourself and see what projects can move forward, stay put or have the possibility of rejection.

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