Memorial Day Weekend Kicks Off Most Dangerous Time to be on the Road

Memorial Day weekend kicks off summer in California with great weather, end-of-the school year celebrations, picnics and barbecues. It also kicks off the most dangerous time of the year to be on the roads in California.

May-September sees nearly twice as many fatal motorcycle crashes as other months. Better weather means more people on the roads and this has already led to a spike in vehicle-related fatalities this year. Failure to wear seat belts and drinking-while-driving are huge factors in these accidents.

CHP Officers advise awareness of one’s surroundings and caution when on the roads. “I don’t think the average citizen realizes how many impaired drivers they share the road with” cautioned CHP Officer Sarah Jackson.

California has amazing weather, plenty of attractions and out-door activities and tons of roads to travel and explore.  However, it is important to be aware and to be safe when sharing the road.

Source: SJ Mercury News Article

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