Ljubljana, Slovenia is the new secret Prague

This great City is certainly the next great place to visit. Slovenia’s literature is a hoot and shamelessly tells the world how it outshines its Balkan neighbors, which could be true. But, how you ask, does this relate to things on two-wheels? Well, much of the youthful energy of Ljubljana comes from the scores of people of all ages out on their bikes in these great big, colored bike lanes. While sitting at the untold number of cafes lining the river, you can watch the young and old on road bikes, mountain bikes, choppers and old school uprights complete with basket and bells (and definitely rockin’ kickstands).

There is truly an amazing cycling culture at work here. It’s like Eden for bikes. Bike racks are plentiful, crime is so low that hardly anyone bothers to even lock up their bikes, there are segregated bike lanes, many on the sidewalks, and traffic controls for bikes. There are also designated high traffic areas where bikes are not allowed which are clearly marked to ward off trouble. The great thing about bikes and peds sharing the sidewalk here is that everyone has their own space and it all works as long as everyone is courteous and watches out for one another. It all seems blissful and, with the exception of the almost universal lack of helmets, safe.

It’s still a secret from most American tourists though…

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