It’s All About How You Walk

A new year means new resolutions. Make 2013 a year to remember and make one of your resolutions to walk more! Here are a few tips from Walk SF Director Elizabeth Stampe and the U.S. Surgeon General.

1) Walk with a purpose: Walk to work, or walk to the next bus stop over. Get off BART one station away from where you normally do. Find a coffee shop on the way, or stop by the store to pick up milk on the way home. Make it a daily routine (then you will have to drink a lot of milk as well).

2) Walk somewhere for lunch: Even if you pack your lunch everyday, take it with you and go find a park to sit at for lunch. Even a 5 minute walk to your favorite lunch spot will wake you up and make you more productive for the afternoon.

3) Set a daily goal: If you are into it, get one of those step-counters and set a daily goal for yourself. If that’s not your thing, then set a time goal (try for at least 20 minutes a day).

4) Make it a family or group habit: Find a friend to walk to work with, or to share that lunch spot with. Walk your kids to the bus stop or make it a family outing to the grocery store on the weekend.

5) Most of all don’t forget that you live in San Francisco! It is a beautiful city, with beautiful walking opportunities! As Stampe pointed out, in San Francisco there is “no ice, no snow – sure, we have hills, but that’s how we get beautiful views. Many neighborhoods are just minutes apart….Not everything you see in San Francisco will be beautiful, but it won’t be dull. Whether you look for bay views, fabulous outfits, migrating birds, new restaurants or interesting faces, you won’t be bored.”

So make it your resolution to walk more and to enjoy the amazing city in which you live this year!


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