Going Dutch

As someone who spent time in the Netherlands I can honestly say that the Dutch have figured out how to safely integrate cycling into their city streets. The Dutch are known for their bike riding habits, indeed while I was there I was told that there are 3.2 bikes for every person living in the country. And while it’s true that there may be other factors that influence the prevalence of cycling in the Netherlands, city planning and less cars on the road for instance, it would be nonsensical to ignore the Dutch style of  seamlessly integrating bike and pedestrian lanes into its city streets. I have never felt safer or more comfortable on a bike then when I was riding the city streets in the Netherlands. So maybe we can take a hint from their expertise and reevaluate the way we look at our steets.

Thanks to Light and Motion’s wonderful blog (lightandmotion.com) for this amazing video. It is worth two minutes of your time to see what our streets could be like with a little foresight and community support.


Light and Motion (lightandmotion.com)

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