Danger Aboard AC Transit Buses

On Wednesday night, AC Transit’s 72-line bus was shot at multiple times with one bullet breaking a rear window. One passenger was injured by the shattering glass and police are still investigating the circumstances and motives behind the shooting.

The incident occurred at 9:50 P.M. at Third St. and Grove Ave. According to AC Transit’s spokesperson Clarence Johnson, the bus had stopped to let a passenger off when a group of 8 young males in their late teens/early 20s approached the bus. One of them stepped onto the bus, looked towards the back of the bus, and got back off. Seconds later, someone, presumably from the group of 8, fired multiple shots at the bus.
Since the shooting, AC Transit bus drivers have been reluctant to drive through this area, demanding better protection and assurance of their safety. According to this article, this shooting was the 5th violent incident this year, following last year’s 10. Even with so many disturbances, AC Transit has not installed security cameras on all buses because, according to Johnson, each camera costs $14,000, and with their budget woes, many of these buses are going to stay camera-less. So as a temporary security measure, AC Transit arranged for deputy police officers to escort the 72-line in north Richmond on Thursday evening.
But without a permanent fix that assures safety of the drivers and passengers, drivers warn that they will abandon this route in the near future.

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