Cyclists Beware….

Cyclists beware: Market/Octavia Intersection is a Potential Death Trap, was the title of a January 25th Fog City Journal article by Luke Thomas.

Highlighting a false sense of security created by the small median between the bike lane and the traffic lane. Having the median makes a biker feel protected from drivers potentially making illegal right hand turns, this sense of safety is a false one. San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Program Director, Andy Thornley had this to say to Fog City Journal; “Does the bike lane at the Market and Octavia inbound – does that express a false sense of security? Yes, just the same way that a green light extends, probably, a false sense of security. I would advise, and I advise your readers, that at every intersection, don’t trust the green light, don’t assume that that’s adequate, assume that everyone is going to break the law, and ride defensively.”

Rider spoke up at a recent rally against the removal of a section of the Market Street Bike lane at Octavia. Cyclists won that fight but it’s up the them to stay defensive out on the road.

Read the full Fog City Journal article here

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