City Low on Funds for Street Repair


SF’s Department of Public Works is facing a $533 million backlog just to keep up with the city’s current pavement condition. This backlog is looking to grow to $750 million during the 2010-2011 fiscal year.
But as all cyclists and motorists have seen, the streets needing repaving are multiplying much quicker than the city has means to fund it. According an article in today’s SF Gate, “The department filled 15,334 potholes in the past fiscal year and has received 2,274 complaints of street defects so far this year.”
The department is dealing with this by targeting the streets in the greatest states of disrepair, but, unfortunately, these are the streets that will cost the most to repave.
Major Roadway Repaving Projects for 2010-2011:
Under Current Construction:
  • Fell St. from Polk to Steiner
  • Bush St. from Van Ness to Franklin, Octavia to Laguna, Buchanan to Steiner, and Pierce to Presidio
  • Monterey Blvd. from Ridgewood to San Anselmo
  • Santa Clara Ave. from St. Francis to San Anselmo
  • Eddy St. between Van Ness and Cyril Magnin
  • Ellis St. between Van Ness and Powell


  • Woodside Ave. from Laguna Honda to O’Shaughnessy
  • O’Shaughnessy Blvd. from Portola to Bosworth
  • Noriega St. from 19th to 27th Aves.
  • Holloway Ave. from Harold to Junipero Serra
  • Bush St. from Battery to Montgomery, and Grant to Van Ness

It seems the city will finally be addressing some of the dangers on the road. So keep a look out for these changes and other hazardous streets. To report dangerous conditions, call 311 (or 415-701-2311).

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