Caltrain Increases Fares: Big Surprise

Firstly, fares are going up by 25 cents in each of the six zones and by 75 cents if you’re commuting between San Francisco and San Jose, making your ride $8.50. The monthly pass for these two cities is going to be $225.00, going up by $20.00.

Secondly, four weekday trains will be eliminated.
And finally, just to pour salt into the already gaping wound, service cuts will make it so that trains only arrive once an hour.

These changes are all in an effort to fix Caltrain’s $2 million budget deficit. But Caltrain riders would be interested (and infuriated) to know that even with this deficit, the administration’s payroll has increased by 14% in the past three years.
Caltrain, cover up; your greed is showing.

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