Biking is the New Black

NYtimes: “The number of adult female cyclists is growing faster than that of men […] Some of these women seem to view their bikes, equipped with high-end saddle bags and bells, as a stand-in for a car […] ‘A bike in New York City is sort of what a convertible is in Los Angeles,’ said Bonnie Morrison.”

Leave it to the ladies of New York City to turn their bikes into a fashion statement. These new bike-enthused women ride around the city heeled and helmet-less. Ignoring the obvious hazards of this trend (though, these women shouldn’t), it must be noted that San Francisco has been there and done that.
Compared to New York, we may not be considered fashion forerunners, but we have been biking and doing it with style for a long, long time. And in the bay, we’ve been working pretty hard on safe biking. So a word of advice from SF to NY? Put on a helmet or get off that bike. Your bike may be chic and in right now, but I can guarantee that your accident won’t be nearly as cute.

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