Bikes on Bart: Individual’s Stories

As part of its Bikes on Bart Advocacy, the San Francisco Bike Coalition interviewed a few of the cyclists taking advantage of the lift on the rush-hour ban to find out how it was affecting people’s commute.

Eric, Fruitvale to SOMA: The ban on bikes during rush hour completely prevents Eric from biking to work. He can usually make it to the station early enough to take BART before the blackout hours start in the morning, but he cannot hang around in San Francisco until rush hour is over after work. Because of the restrictions, he drives to the Bart station and walks to work. The lift on the ban on Fridays during the month of August allows Eric to bike to the Fruitvale station and bike to work, then bike home. His commute is quicker, cheaper and more efficient. It is the ideal situation.

Hopefully, people like Eric who responsibly utilize the services BART has to offer, can help to permanently change BART’s policy on bike. Lifting the ban on bikes on BART during rush hour is beneficial for commuters, for the Bay Area and for the environment.




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