Allstate Does Good… Maybe?

“Every day in the U.S., an average of three motorcyclists are killed at intersections in crashes that involve other vehicles.” In order to help eliminate these crashes,  Allstate established its Once is Never Enough (as in, look twice before crossing the road) Program. As part of this program Allstate works with local traffic authorities to identify dangerous intersections and then donates and installs warning signs at these locations. The “Watch for Motorycle” signs have been developed by Allstate since no such official, standardized sign exists.


It seems that for once, Allstate really does have the driver’s best interests in mind. Although the program is probably nothing more than a marketing strategy (the signs are only going up in 30 U.S. cities throughout the year), it has serious potential, especially since the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that 46% of all multi-vehicle crashes occur at intersections. Whatever the motive or extent may be, if these signs make even a few drivers look twice at an intersection than they have done their job and more.


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