Green Connections

Green Connections is a two year project that will “increase access to parks, open space and the waterfront, by re-envisioning City streets and paths as ‘green connectors’. This project builds on current efforts to create sustainable corridors that enhance mobility, green neighborhood streets, and improve pedestrian and bicycle access to community amenities and recreational opportunities.”


The Wayfinding Signs recently implemented by the SFMTA for the Americas Cup are one crucial part of this plan. The signs tell distance in time rather than miles. This trend puts San Francisco in the same boat as many other tourist-heavy cities since the signs allow people to better judge the advantages of walking. Especially in a city like San Francisco where walking is often not easy and flat, having estimated times can be encouraging.

These signs have been implemented in many of the more tourist-central areas like Fisherman’s Wharf and Union Square. The goal is to create a network around and within the city with pedestrian and cycling friendly walks connecting many of San Francisco’s major sights much as is envisioned in the following map.




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