2010’s Rise in On-Highway Safety Issues

The American Motorcyclist Association recently published a chart of 2010’s national on-highway safety issues. Out of a total of 1074 issues, 439 were for “Distracted/Inattentive Vehicle Operation” which includes:

  • Cellphone usage: Restricting or prohibiting use
  • Bans: Text messaging, internet use, drowsy driving
  • Hands-free:Use of cellphone
  • Distracted/Inattentive driving
  • Restricting video displays
  • After crash: Police reports to include distracted-driver info, enhanced penalties

This is an increase of 135 cases compared to last year’s 304 (source). This jump shows a vast lack of knowledge on motorcycle laws.

If you are one of these motorcyclists who are unfamiliar with the laws, the AMA has a helpful database that could help you ride safely in every state: State-by-state motorcycle laws

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