Podcast with Shaana Rahman on National Bicycle Greenway: Coast-to Coast Bicycle Highway

national bicycle greenway attorney podcast

This podcast was recorded in December of 2017 with Martin Krieg from the national nonprofit National Bicycle Greenway and Shaana Rahman of Rahman Law PC.

It is part of the Mountain Movers Podcast Series.  The series focuses on people who are taking giant steps for the betterment of cyclists and the planet itself.  Mr. Krieg recorded from Indianapolis.  Click below to visit the National Bicycle Greenway website with the original podcast:

Shaana Rahman Law, How She Wins for the Violated Cyclist


Krieg: Shaana, before we get into bikes and law, where did you grow up at?

Shaana: I grew up in Long Island, New York.

Krieg: Is there city out there you grew up in?

Shaana: Sure, Massapequa, Nassau County.

Krieg: Massapequa, huh, ok?

Shaana: Massapequa.

Krieg: Did you ride a bike there much?

Shaana: I did.  I had my first red Schwinn when I was a kid.  With some big city money I think.  It wasn’t my first bike, but it was the first bike I bought myself.

Krieg: Really, was it like a Schwinn Varsity or something like that?

Shaana: It was a — bike.  It wasn’t even a ten-speed.  The Varsity was the second one. But it was like a thick Schwinn with no hand brakes.  Like an —

Krieg: So it was a coaster brake. You stepped on the back pedal.

Shaana: Yeah.

Krieg: Really?

Shaana: It was bright red

Krieg: Where’d you get the money for it, did you have a paper route?

Shaana: Yes.

Krieg: Oh you did?  You had a paper route?

Shaana: Yeah, my brother and I did.  I would help him, we’d split it.  We were industrious kids because we grew up kinda poor.  We’d do our jobs and make money.

Krieg: Wow. I can’t tell you how many bikes and things I bought with a paper route money.  Kids don’t have that luxury any more.

Shaana: Yep, no more paper route.